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Why You Should Hire An Expert For Website Optimization

Zarian Lewis

Topics: Web Design, Inbound Marketing, SEO

Your website is your company's face to the world and a salesman that never sleeps. Optimizing your website to climb the rankings in search engines is a critical part of any modern marketing strategy. Additionally, it must load fast and run smooth to make a professional, crisp impression on potential customers. With so much riding on your website’s performance, it’s understandable that you would want to hire a professional. There are pro’s and con’s to that approach, and there are some key strategies you can employ during the hiring process to ensure your contractor delivers high-quality results, fast.

How You Benefit From Hiring A Website Optimization Professional

Bandwidth: You and your team are responsible for wearing multiple hats. You’re working hard and making progress, but you’re spread thin, and you can feel it. Hiring outside help minimizes the impact on your team’s schedule, letting them focus on their existing tasks. 

Speed and Quality: Your job is demanding, and you do great work because you have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed. You are so busy doing what you do best, you don’t have time to hone your website optimization skills. A professional who does this for a living is going to deliver a higher quality result much sooner.

Site Maintenance: SEO is constantly changing. Google releases new updates on a regular basis, as do the other search engines. What worked in the past could get you blacklisted in the future, or at the very least penalized and knocked down several pegs in the rankings ladder. Site optimizing professionals do this for a living and keep their thumb on the pulse of perpetually shifting SEO trends in the same way a successful investor monitors the stock market, or a construction engineer reads up on new building codes.

The Drawbacks Of Hiring Contract Help

Cost: Remember that tried-and-true saying about getting work done fast, well, or cheap? Pick two. A professional can deliver on the first two, but it’s going to cost you. This is how they make a living, and keeping on top of SEO trends requires more time and effort than you might think. This can be especially difficult for startups with small budgets.

Additional Variables: Just when you thought your work schedule couldn’t get any more complicated, a new contractor pops up with the potential for delays, missed deadlines, sick days, and more. That isn’t to say it’s guaranteed to happen. There are definitely professional website optimization specialists who excel at simple, straightforward, on-time delivery. But be aware that once outside help gets involved, the potential for scheduling mishaps rises.

Successful Strategies For Hiring Web Optimization Professionals

Clarify All Objectives: When you are accepting bids or working out contracts from professional site optimizers, make 100% sure that the objectives are clear. The entire project must be broken down into easily understood milestones, from design to launch. It’s easy to get focused on what needs to be done and forget what isn’t going to be done. Does your contractor provide graphics? How about revisions? Get all that squared away up front before you sign up for anything. Now, you are an extraordinarily busy person. You may be tempted to rush this step, because technically speaking, it’s inhibiting the professional’s ability to begin. And the sooner they get started, the sooner they finish, so less stress for you, right? Don’t give in to that mentality. Treat objective setting with the same dedication and scrutiny you would for laying the foundation of your new home. Because that is exactly what those objectives are. The foundation of your marketing strategy, website performance, and long-term relationship with your SEO specialist. 

Use Exact Deadlines: ASAP gets sent to the bottom of the pile. It doesn’t have a date, so in the mind of many busy contractors, it can’t be late. Why? Because it’s too vague. Pin down every milestone with an exact date. Don’t be shy about requesting an exact time, like by 5 pm PST on Friday. The more specific you are in your deadlines, the better equipped the specialist is to deliver.

Understand Their Current And Future Workload: Just because they aren’t busy right now doesn’t mean they don’t have five big projects lined up next week. Some contractors might be unwilling to divulge their exact schedule. Politely explain that you want to be sure they have the time and resources necessary to meet the deadlines you’ve established and you just need a sense of their workload, preferably in hours per week. Once you generalize your request, you are being respectful of their privacy and the privacy of their clients, making it much easier for them to accommodate you and respond.

Ask About Specialties: Website optimization is a big field. Nobody can be the best at everything, and anyone who tells you otherwise may be overcompensating for a lack of experience, or perhaps even being deliberately disingenuous. Capable professionals should be able to talk about their areas of expertise where they really shine. Follow up on this question with requests for portfolio samples or references. To be fair, don’t expect a website optimization professional to have done something in the past exactly like your project. It’s like hiring for any other job. Yes, there is an ideal candidate in your mind’s eye, but no, that person doesn’t exist or is not available for your budget and location. But a professional with a success case similar to your own needs is far more likely to deliver quality results fast.

Choosing a website professional is critical to your company’s success. Little J offers website optimization services, including strategy, design, development, and launch. Contact us today for more information.

Have you ever been part of a website optimization team? What was your experience like? Post your comments below.