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Posts about Web Design

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Why You Should Hire An Expert For Website Optimization

Your website is your company's face to the world and a salesman that never sleeps. Optimizing your website to climb the rankings in search engines is a critical part of any modern marketing strategy. Additionally, it must load fast and run smooth to make a professional, crisp impression on potential customers. With so much riding on your website’s performance, it’s understandable that you would want to hire a professional. There are pro’s and con’s to that approach, and there are some key strategies you can employ during the hiring process to ensure your contractor delivers high-quality results, fast.

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The Basics of Inbound Marketing

What is this buzzword everyone seems to be talking about "Inbound Marketing?"Also, how do you get started with it? From my perspective, as I've watched marketing evolve over the years, Inbound Marketing is today's version of pure marketing. Content, social media, SEO, and such are just the tactical execution of broader marketing strategy. The goal should always be to understand your ideal customer and the path they take to making or repeating a purchase with your company.

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Designing Google AMP Web Pages

Mobile devices are fast becoming the dominant part of the browser market, and business success requires giving a positive mobile experience. They often have weak connections and meager processing power, and their users are on the go. Pages that load fast keep their attention and contribute to SEO success.

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3 Things to Consider When Designing a New Website

Your website is often your prospective customer's first impression of your business. A cluttered, non-functional, or unprofessional website can scare away prospects before they even have a chance to learn more about your products and services. On the flip side, a well-designed website draws customers in and makes them want to engage and learn more. Here are three major things to consider when having a new business website designed:

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