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Posts about Inbound Marketing

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Why You Should Hire An Expert For Website Optimization

Your website is your company's face to the world and a salesman that never sleeps. Optimizing your website to climb the rankings in search engines is a critical part of any modern marketing strategy. Additionally, it must load fast and run smooth to make a professional, crisp impression on potential customers. With so much riding on your website’s performance, it’s understandable that you would want to hire a professional. There are pro’s and con’s to that approach, and there are some key strategies you can employ during the hiring process to ensure your contractor delivers high-quality results, fast.

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How To Make Better Use of Your CTA

It seems like you can’t surf the internet anymore without being asked to join five email lists in as many minutes. The prolific “Join” button is a call to action or CTA. A mailing list join request is the most common example, but there is a host of other CTA techniques you can use in your ongoing quest to turn surfers into customers.

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How to find a good SEO consultant

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most critical marketing elements your company faces in the digital age. Yet there is no licensing process to regulate SEO consultants like there is for, say, engineers and doctors. Anyone can throw out a sign out on the front door and set up shop. So how do you find a good SEO consultant, and avoid getting scammed by shady practitioners or stuck with someone inexperienced who can’t deliver? Like anything else, it begins with a solid foundation of preparation and asking the right questions.

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The Basics of Inbound Marketing

What is this buzzword everyone seems to be talking about "Inbound Marketing?"Also, how do you get started with it? From my perspective, as I've watched marketing evolve over the years, Inbound Marketing is today's version of pure marketing. Content, social media, SEO, and such are just the tactical execution of broader marketing strategy. The goal should always be to understand your ideal customer and the path they take to making or repeating a purchase with your company.

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Marketing isn't an Exact Science

Often, when working with potential clients, the question comes up, "What are you going to do every month and when should I expect results?" Although I wish I could provide precise and accurate answers, marketing isn’t black and white. As a marketing professional, while I’m able to develop and execute creative campaigns tied to a broader strategy as well as offer industry benchmarks regarding results, what I don’t know is exactly how each campaign will perform.

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The Skinny on Inbound Marketing & Why It Matters in 2017

Here come all the predictions for 2017. While no one knows for sure how things will play out, either the college bowl games or the economy, one thing is sure: The web will continue to transform the way your customers and prospects learn about your company, interact with your brand, and buy your products and services. To pile on, as internet personality Gary Vaynerchuk likes to say, 'if you haven't figured out that your mobile device has become the television, and your television has become the radio, you're going to be left behind." So what exactly is Inbound marketing and why does it matter for your business or organization in 2017?

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