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Posts about Brand Development

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Branding 101: Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken

Start on the Inside

The infamous Irish playwright, Oscar Wilde, once quipped, "Be yourself, everyone else is already taken." While I couldn't agree more, being yourself isn't easy, especially in today's world where we tend to care too much about what others think about us (probably more than they actually do!). Brand development, like character formation, truly is an inside job.

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Powerful Brand Building for Auto Dealers

We live and work in an era in which markets change faster than anyone can process them. This is the same business environment in which people buy new and used vehicles. The CIO of CarMax Shamim Mohammad understood that. "He also has identified different facets of digital and created product teams around each of them. This has aided in helping each team think about the customer ramifications of the work they are doing, and the evolution of each of these products as circumstances evolve." He has helped the company to create a brand experience.

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Exercises in Brand Development: Writing Mission and Vision Statements

A business' branding strategy starts with a clear, focused vision of your company in the future. The mission and vision statements are critical signposts; they provide you with a clear road map for your business to grow and become the brand you envision. These exercises are designed to help you develop the mission statements and vision statements for your business, the critical first step in branding strategy.

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4 Steps to Building a Strong Brand Identity

Are you beginning to grow your business and want to develop a winning brand identity that compels your audience? Perhaps you’re a startup brand or in the process of rebranding and looking for strategic ways to creating a strong business identity. If so, you’re absolutely right in doing so.

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