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Powerful Brand Building for Auto Dealers

Jeremy Rivera

Topics: Brand Development

We live and work in an era in which markets change faster than anyone can process them. This is the same business environment in which people buy new and used vehicles. The CIO of CarMax Shamim Mohammad understood that. "He also has identified different facets of digital and created product teams around each of them. This has aided in helping each team think about the customer ramifications of the work they are doing, and the evolution of each of these products as circumstances evolve." He has helped the company to create a brand experience.

What Consumers Want

You're concerned with knowing your customers. They might think they know their local brands, but their brand preferences change daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. As consumers in an IoT (Internet of Things) world, they get to be finicky. The market simply adjusts to give them numerous choices. Local taxi drivers can tell you how Uber and Lyft are putting them out of business. Since this is the world in which your auto dealer operates, become more proactive about brand building and start convincing prospective customers why they want your brand.

Take Control of Your Brand

We have found that it doesn't take much to influence buyers positively or negatively, and sometimes customers who have bought from your dealership before will choose a different one. This could seem to occur without a rational explanation, but we view this as the consumer deciding there is a better value or a different sales experience waiting at another dealership. New and established car dealers must transform their sales process to fit what consumers want, but they can get more prospects in the door through multiple branding activities. These must convince people to buy. Auto dealers brand through traditional broadcast media advertisements and billboards and through other options such as search engine marketing (SEM) and social media marketing (SMM). In this post, we touch on how to get some assistance from professional designers who can help your auto dealership noticed in target markets. 

Your Company Will Have to Transform or Die Trying! 

Transform your dealershipIt used to be that you could build a car dealership over time. Now, starting a dealership or building it into a stronger one could feel like death by fire. This is especially true if there is a national brand like CarMax right down the road that takes a corporate approach to selling cars. You don't want to remain in the position of being outsold by other dealerships, especially a national brand, regardless of their business model. Even those companies that sell multiple brands have some approach to creating a customer experience with which your company must compete.

Build a Brand

Your branding activities should not occur in isolation or be scheduled in a haphazard fashion. It's best to sit down and create your list of brand concepts. This might be three or ten concepts or somewhere in between; the list must fit your business culture. The branding concepts help us to select the appropriate strategies for building awareness of your brand in target markets. Not all of our clients know how to do this. They are working from outdated marketing campaigns that do not respond to the current market. They have relied more on word-of-mouth and sales to repeat customers. They know that they should become more aggressive about branding, but they're not sure how. We're glad to step in and coordinate your process of brand building.

Rely on Research

Count on us to perform market research and determine the type of dealership experience that consumers want. This makes it easier to create customized branding messages and then distribute them over diverse marketing channels. We ensure that customers encounter your brand at different points in their daily lives. They want consistent messages so that they don't forget about your company when they need a different vehicle.

Let us explain how branding works for auto dealers. Your market is specific, and you don't want your messages to fall short of your audience. For more details, please contact us today.