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How To Make Better Use of Your CTA

Zarian Lewis

Topics: Inbound Marketing

It seems like you can’t surf the internet anymore without being asked to join five email lists in as many minutes. The prolific “Join” button is a call to action or CTA. A mailing list join request is the most common example, but there is a host of other CTA techniques you can use in your ongoing quest to turn surfers into customers.

Here is a list of creative alternatives for your call to action:

Link Up With Your Audience

Linking to more content is a good way to draw people deeper into the website, giving you more time to explain what you have to offer.

Instructional video with educational content: This is a great way to present yourself as knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful, all at the same time. The video can be free in its entirety, racking up extra points in the good will department. Or, link to a free sample, but put a price tag on the full video. Establishing a fee can create an impression of worth on the viewer, presenting it as too good to simply give away.

Product video: Focus the video on benefits, not features. For example, a cooking gadget offers a benefit by saving counter space and time for busy cooks with crowded kitchens.

Downloadable PDF: A PDF can be downloaded and read on the customers own time. While it sacrifices momentum, it offers the advantage of communicating more content. A good choice for people marketing products or services that are more complex or less well known. Graphene batteries are a good example. The industry is growing, but not everyone knows what they are yet, and the topic is a bit technical. It also strikes a balance between the modern mentality of the digital age where short bursts of fast information reign supreme, and the direct mail approach of “the more you tell, the more you sell.”

Next article: Let the CTA bring people to a related article, so they can build on what they’ve already learned. This is a great way to establish yourself as knowledgeable, little chunks at a time.

Let The People’s Voice Be Heard

Friends shouting and lying on the floor - isolated over a white background.jpegLet the customer drive: Give people the chance to vote on the next blog article. Letting people shape the future of a blog gets them involved on a level that’s hard to find anywhere else and makes them feel listened to. It also takes the guesswork out of choosing the best topics for your audience.

Contact us: There are two ways to approach a contact us CTA. One is to ask people for general submissions. This is like casting a wide net. You’ll catch a higher number of people, but they may not be your target customer. The recommended alternative is to ask for feedback about a specific question. Now, your CTA is not just bringing people further into the site, it’s also selecting your audience for you. This is a great choice for businesses that have specific audiences, like selling a high-end sports car.

Everyone Loves Free Stuff

Free sample: Free is a powerful motivator. Let people try a free product trial, like a free magazine. This tactic is especially strong if it is coupled with how the product benefits the customer. When they see a benefit, and it doesn’t cost them anything to try, they can’t lose.

Discounts: You can offer a discount on whatever your blog article was written about. That has a better chance of a quick sale by tapping the excitement of impulse buyers. Alternatively, you could give a general discount to your store or product line. That approach is more likely to be used because it has wider applicability, but not as likely to be cashed in right away.

Those are some great CTA strategies you can try to get out of the “join my email list” rut. Remember that the text of the CTA is extremely important. However, summing up the benefit to the customer in a concise, attention-grabbing way is quite challenging. Thankfully, Little J offers marketing services in this area and can provide you with the expert guidance on CTA strategy and produce masterful content.


What kind of CTA’s have you clicked on in the past? What about it grabbed your attention? Post your comments below.